Accessing our information and data

In response to the COVID-19 public health emergency, our offices are closed but our people and online services are committed to working to support you and maintain our services. We have adapted to new ways of working, with our staff set up to work remotely from home as we manage the impacts of these changing circumstances.

However, we are still committed to ensuring that any one who needs to can still access our information and environmental data during these changed times. While we are all adapting to new ways of working, you may find that its us take longer than usual for us to respond to your data and information requests.

We thank you for you patience while we process your requests. Read on for some further help on accessing our information and data.

Access to information and data requests

Closed offices and staff working remotely has reduced our capacity and access to our usual systems and sources of information. As a result you may experience delays when making information rights requests during the COVID-19 public health emergency.

The Scottish Information Commissioner published updated legislation with regard to Freedom of Information requests and his approach to Environmental Information Regulations requests. You can see the changes and more information on the COVID-19 and FOI: information hub.

If you're planning a request:

  • Check if the information is already available on our website, particularly environmental data.
  • Consider if the request can be narrowed to reduce its impact and speed up your response. See the Scottish Information Commissioner’s tips for requesters page.

You can find out more about the Scottish Information Commissioner’s Coronavirus response on their website.

Flooding enquiries

The Flooding section of the SEPA website contains lots of information to help support communities. Visit the website for:

  • Live flooding information
  • Sign up for flood updates
  • Report a flood
  • Flood maps

Public register

Due to our office closures at this time, the public register cannot currently be viewed in person. Please email with any request for public register information. We will get back to you and do our best to provide it electronically as soon as possible.