Keeping our rainfall observers safe

Keeping our valued network of rainfall observers safe during the COVID-19 public health emergency is important to us.

SEPA is committed to keeping its people safe during the COVID-19 public health emergency and this commitment also extends to our dedicated rainfall observers. Living across Scotland, this valued network of observers support our role in climate research, flood risk management and managing Scotland’s water resources by taking rainfall measurements.

We have contacted all our observers directly and provided the following advice to them to ensure their safety during the COVID-19 public health emergency:

  • Only observe rainfall information if it can be done safely without putting your health at risk. If not stop.
  • If readings can only be taken irregularly, measure the total amount that has gathered in the collection bottle, noting the date and measurement on your rainfall card. Add the date of the last reading too.
  • Only post completed cards to us if it is safe to do so, otherwise observers should hold onto them and post later.

Many of our observers work offline but for those that do have email access we have encouraged them to contact our co-ordinator for the network to update us on their status and wellbeing.

Contact information

Our rainfall co-ordinator is Grant Kennedy, contact him on, 07767 325 011.