Our Flooding Services

SEPA’s flood forecasting and warning service remains fully operational and is designed to be entirely functional with the majority of SEPA staff currently working from home. Our monitoring and modelling infrastructure is resilient and well maintained by our specialist teams.

We will continue to issue local Flood Warnings and regional Flood Alerts when flooding is forecast.

Be prepared for flooding

You can remain prepared during these uncertain times by:

  • Signing up to Floodline to receive early notification when flooding is forecast
  • Viewing live flood updates for the latest information on current Flood Warnings and Flood Alerts.
  • Making a plan. It’s more important than ever to plan how you will respond to a flood. If you have to leave your home unexpectedly, plan for where you can go and who can help, and prepare an emergency grab bag including essentials such as face coverings, disinfectant hand gel and disposable gloves. Other items are recommended in our flood kit animation.


Keeping our rainfall observers safe

SEPA is committed to keeping its people safe during the COVID-19 public health emergency and this commitment also extends to our dedicated rainfall observers.

Find out more about the steps we have taken to ensure our rainfall observers are safe.