Withdrawn Temporary Regulatory Position Statements

SEPA expects people to have business continuity arrangements in place to ensure compliance with their SEPA permit or other environmental regulatory requirements during EU Exit and COVID-19.  We are clear we expect everyone we regulate to continue to comply with Scotland’s environmental laws. 

Where compliance with a SEPA Permit or other regulatory requirement is not possible for an individual site(s), a type of activity or for a sector, we may temporarily take a regulatory position that any failure to comply with those requirements will not be treated as a non-compliance for compliance assessment or enforcement purposes. This will be where that non-compliance is unavoidable and solely as a direct result of the impact of EU Exit or COVID-19 and will not lead to significant environmental harm.

Following a review of SEPAs COVID-19 Philosophy, guidance and positions, all previous documents have been withdrawn and replaced with updated versions or withdrawn entirely and not replaced.  These changes take effect from 15th December 2020.  The withdrawn documents are listed below:

SEPA's COVID-19 Philosophy

SEPA overarching guidance on regulation during COVID-19

Principles of Temporary Regulatory Positions Statements

Control of major accident hazards (COMAH) regulatory position statement

Disposal of waste alcoholic beverages from licensed premises regulatory guidance

Finfish aquaculture regulatory positions

Land application of uncollected milk in Scotland regulatory guidance

Management of high-activity sealed radioactive sources regulatory position

Management of radioactive substances at nuclear sites regulatory position

Managing waste during COVID-19

Producer responsibility regulatory positions and guidance

Production of hand sanitiser regulatory position

Radioactive substances: shipment of sealed sources and other relevant sources regulatory position

Reservoirs regulatory position and guidance

Scotch whisky sector regulatory position statement

Storage of sewage sludge regulatory position

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